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17 March 08 | Posted in Stewardship, U.S. Catholic

Catholics in Waterloo, Iowa have Cool Congregations.

Cool Congregations is an education and stewardship program designed to help faith communities and people of faith recognize and respond to their responsibility for the care of God’s creation.

In Iowa, Cool Congregations is sponsored by Iowa Interfaith Power and Light, an affiliate of the Interfaith Power and Light network created by The Regeneration Project. Iowa Interfaith Power and Light is a joint initiative of Christian, Jewish and other faith communities in Iowa, including the Catholic diocese of Des Moines and the National Catholic Rural Life Conference.ipl_color.jpg

The Iowa project is one of 25 state projects organized by The Regeneration Project to educate faith communities about global warming, promote renewal energy, energy efficiency and conservation.

Cool Congregations helps individuals, families and congregations become better steward’s of God’s creation. Cool Congregations participants learn how to reduce their contribution to global warming by implementing a wide range of practical (and in many cases inexpensive) action which reduce carbon dioxide emissions, reduce consumption of fossil fuels, improve energy efficiency, and reduce overall energy use.

The net result is that we reduce our contribution to global warming, and the devastating social, economic and environmental impact which it has, especially on the poor and marginalized who can least afford it.

Kudos to the folks in Waterloo.

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  1. Alexander Says:

    Thanks for the link to Interfaith Power and Light and the good news about Catholics in Waterloo. We appreciate your work – keep signing that good green tune!

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