Bishop Calls for Carbon Taxes

12 March 08 | Posted in Global Catholic

Carbon taxes in the world’s richest countries should be used to offset the effects of global warming in the world’s poorest countries, said an Irish bishop.bishop_kirby.jpg

“Climate change is undermining the fight against poverty,” said Bishop John Kirby of Clonfert, chairman of the Irish bishops’ overseas aid agency, Trocaire. “Developing countries haven’t caused global warming, but the world’s poorest people are left to cope with the consequences for three reasons: They live in areas that are seeing the biggest impact of global warming, the depend heavily on the weather for their livelihoods, and they are already living in poverty, therefore they are less able to cope with the impacts of climate changes.

Kirby said he wants a significant share of carbon-tax revenues to go to the newly developed U.N. Adaptation Fund, created to help poorer countries adapt to climate-change threats.

Africa, by far the lowest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world, is projected to be among the regions hardest hit by climate change.

As a global problem, all countries have a common and shared responsibility to tackle climate change. Rich industrialized countries, however, bear particular responsibility for action,” he said. “Any action we take must take the rights of developing countries into consideration. Poorer countries with low carbon emissions must be allowed to continue their economic development and mustn’t be punished for the sins of the developed world.”

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