Green Canticle

24 January 08 | Posted in U.S. Catholic

“Green Canticle” will report and comment on how Catholics around the world are making the protection of the environment and the wise use of resources a part of the practice of their faith. It will also discuss the role of nature in ancient and modern Catholic spirituality.


Catholic Social Teaching emphasizes that we have the responsibility to “care for creation” by taking an active role in safeguarding the poor, the marginalized, and the health of the planet from the worse excesses of economic competition, including warfare.

The inspiration for the name of this blog came from several places.

Green is the liturgical color of life and renewal. It is also the color commonly used to designate something as environmentally-friendly.

Prayer to God, whether petition or praise, is often chanted or sung. St. Augustine’s comment, “To sing is to pray twice;” and especially, the “Canticle of the Sun” by St. Francis of Assisi, is also integral to its purpose.

St. Francis’ Canticle finds and praises God through all the elements of Nature. He expresses our admiration and kinship, and our joy in being part of it all.

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